London Area

Fine Golf considers¬†some of the finest heathland golf courses are around London: The Addington *(TA); The Berkshire *(TB); New Zealand (NZ); Royal Wimbledon *(RW); St George’s Hill *(SGH); Swinley Forest (SF); Sunningdale *(S); Wentworth *(W); West Hill *(WH); Woking *(Wok); Worplesdon *(Wd); Walton Heath *(WH); Berkhamsted *(Bk); Camberley Heath *(CaH); Coombe Hill (CoH); Denham *(D); Huntercombe *(H); Sandy Lodge *(SL).

Some parkland golf courses have fine turf: Moor Park *(MP); Thorndon Park *(TP); Ashridge *(Ash) and Temple *(Te) on chalk downland.

I have yet to play East Berkshire (EB).

*featured in Frank Pennink’s 1962¬† “Golfer’s Companion”.


London Area Map