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FineGolf in its quest for improvement in greens performance and reduction in greenkeeping maintenance costs, explores the soil biology issues behind the promotion of fine perennial grasses in their fight with annual meadow grass (Poa annua).


Jim Arthur, (one of the UK’s widely followed sports turf agronomists), I am told well understood the importance of getting the soil biology right within his austere greenkeeping methods, but the science of soil biology had hardly appeared to the commercial world from within academic research by the time of his death and there is little specific detailed mention of it in his bible of greenkeeping ‘Practical greenkeeping’ published by The R&A.

In recent years, as research techniques and knowledge of soil biology have improved a number of companies have developed management regimes and products to help greenkeepers develop the soil biology needed to grow fine grass and FineGolf is pleased to have an association with Symbio the leader in the field, a company that has pioneered university research into discovering the practical benefits and is an accredited training supplier to the Greenkeepers Training Committee.

martin ward, symbio

Martin Ward

Martin Ward, is Symbio’s MD and is writing for FineGolf a series of articles explaining the subject to non-experts.


He has led his company to provide advice to a wide number of golf clubs over the last 23 years. He is very happy for greenkeepers or Chairmen of Green to ask his advice about specific issues concerning their own courses. + 44 (0) 1428 685762 


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